POP EVIL Discography: Best Track on each CD


pop evil lipstick in the mirrorPop Evil may not be a major headlining act at this moment, but they’re definitely on their way.   Their true debut CD, “Lipstick On The Mirror”, generated a little bit of airplay and Pop Evil started getting chosen for some coveted opening act choices.  Whitesnake’s 2009 reunion tour and opening for England’s heavy metal icons, Judas Priest, for their 30th Anniversary tour  in support of the legendary album, “British Steel”.     “Someone Like You” from their 2006 EP was reworked for their major label debut CD.   The standout track was their radio friendly, “100 In a 55” which was released twice (full band and an intense acoustic version).

“100 IN A 55”


Pop Evil War of the RosesIn 2010, Pop Evil released “War Of Angels”.  The testosterone driven collection became rock radio favorites.    UFC fights, NFL games, and NASCAR all used the lead single, “Last Man Standing” on their telecasts.     Mick Mars from Motley Crue joined the band for “Boss’ Daughter”.    But the album’s ultimate track was “Monster You Made”, a power ballad reminiscent of the best of Shinedown.    The band once again released a special acoustic version of the song as an internet exclusive available on Facebook.




2013   “ONYX”

Pop Evil OnyxFollowing the big success of “War of The Angels”, Pop Evil was ready for a breakthrough.   Music magazines were labeling them – “the next big thing”.     Their third CD lived up to the hype.   No only did “Onyx” produce the band’s first #1 Rock Radio hit song, they did it twice here.   “Trenches” became one of the most requested songs in the country and won “Song Of The Year” at the Radio Contraband Music Awards.   The follow-up “Deal With The Devil” continued their historic rise when it topped the charts earlier this year.   The highly personal lyrics on the softer “Torn To Pieces” became a Pop Evil fan favorite.   If you had to pick one track to highlight, the rocker “Flawed” encapsulated the band’s sound and image today.