Katy Perry “Birthday” & Pop Evil’s emotional dedication to Dad

“BIRTHDAY” Katy Perry

nEVGY8uSummer is just around the corner. Hot nights, beach weather, and those ridiculously catchy pop ditties that will be forever stuck in your read. The sweetness of “Teenage Dream” and the Candyland dreams of “California Gurls” are mashed into one delicious new surefire #1 pop hit. Katy Perry’s latest, “Birthday” has a retro disco beat, funky breaks, and Katy’s adorable personality all over it. The special lyric video is one of the most creative unofficial videos you’ll see this year. Ace of Cakes star, Duff Goldman, baked these decadent cupcakes and pastries. The sexy double entendre food metaphors couldn’t be more obvious, but that doesn’t mean this song won’t be stuck in your head all summer.


pop evil torn to piecesHow do you handle losing someone you love?   Pop Evil’s lead vocalist, Leigh Kakaty, lost his father and found healing power making this video for the band’s third single from their new CD.    The dramatic video is a mini motion picture directed by Johan Carlen. We’re taking on a first-hand look inside his father’s house and hometown.   Wait for the surprise conclusion!   Fans have responded big time to the video and a recent Instagram campaign, #petorntopieces, has fans tagging pictures of what this special Pop Evil song means to each person.    The Grand Rapids, Michigan band may not a household name yet, but they’re about to have their third consecutive #1 Rock Radio hit.