“POUR ME ANOTHER”: Hollywood Undead, Trick Pony, Def Leppard


Hollywood_Undead_-_American_TragedyWhen it comes to songs about alcohol, they’re going to take three routes.   Theme #1 is drinking to relax and find a little escape, drown your tears in your beer, and take a moment to relax with a drink to ease your mind.   Hollywood Undead’s Pour Me is one of those sing-along power ballads with lyrics that dig deep inside your soul.  Life is running too fast, you may not find the answers at the bottom of the bottle, but a little distraction takes the sting away:


One more drink, then I swear that I’m going home,
Truth is, I don’t really have a place to go,
So pour me, pour me, pour me another


TRICK PONYTheme #2:  Have a drink, party to forget the past!  Back in 2000, Heidi Newfield got the party started for her band’s drinking anthem, Pour Me.   Trick Pony actually performed this song as their debut single at the Grand Ole Opry and continued the time-honored honky tonk Country Western drinking theme that George Jones, Merle Haggard, and Waylon Jennings perfected back in the day.  Trick Pony’s play on  “poor me” with “Pour me another shot of whiskey” is one of the those cliched but awesome country lyrics.


POUR SOME SUGARTheme #3:  Lose your inhibitions, anything goes.  Joe Elliott of Def Leppard said it’s impossible for the band to not play this song at every live event.  The 80’s party anthem is one of those songs that you’ve heard a million times, but when the mood is right, it’s still the perfect kickoff the weekend party starter.  Of course, the lyrics are sexual, overly catchy, but still one of those songs that will have the audience fist-pumping along to the chorus every time!