Pouring Out Every Ounce of Emotion: Jonny Lang, Pop Evil, Meat Loaf

If you never heard this song before, you’d never imagine it was being sung by a teenage white blues singer.   Yet, Jonny Lang began his musical career in his early teens. Unlike his peers who veered into pop music, Jonny was an old soul, a blues guitarist with emotional depth usually reserved to artists much older and jaded after years on the road. “Breakin’ Me” is from his Grammy nominated blues album, “Lie To Me”. It’s a slow burning passionate song that squeezes every ounce of emotion in the lyrics and the devastating guitar solo. Check out these lyrics:

The first time my heart was ever touched
Was the day I lost your love
I can feel it in my flesh and blood
My soul can only take it so much

“100 IN A 55”     POP EVIL
“Lipstick in The Mirror” was the debut CD for Pop Evil out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Songs like “Stepping Stone” and “Someone Like You” got radio airplay but the album’s gem was “100 In A 55”. Pop radio played a subdued version and an acoustic remake was added to their CD.

I still believe that we’ve got a chance to be
Too much is never enough and too little is never enough
Full speed got me looking out my rearview
I can’t go back
Goin’ 100 in a 55
And I don’t know why I’m still alive

A theatrical tour-de-force rock song by Meat Loaf accompanied by the beautiful Marion Raven. Producer Jim Steinman sued Meat Loaf from recording his song as it was going to be covered by Celine Dion. Years later, Meat Loaf got his chance and released the definitive version. The song was clearly meant to be sung as a duet with lyrics of “when you kiss me like that” countered with “when you hold me like that”. The song was written by Jim Steinman as an homage to “Wuthering Heights”, Steinman’s attempt at writing the most romantic song ever. The video describes an eternal love story, pain, death, hope, and perfectly connects to the song’s emotional lyrics.