The Pretty Reckless – “Take Me Down”

“TAKE ME DOWN”   – The Pretty Reckless

“Been waitin’ at these crossroads
Forever and a day
On a guy to buy my soul

I spend all night and day
How much harder can I play
You know I gave my life to Rock n’ Roll”

take-me-down-the-pretty-recklessTaylor Momsen and her band, The Pretty Reckless, may not have sold their soul to the devil but their band’s momentum is gaining a lot of steam the past couple years.   With a sensual smoky, raspy vocal, Taylor conjures up images of the Rolling Stones classic, “Sympathy For The Devil” with their latest single, “Take Me Down” as the band keeps pace with a nasty groove.   The band’s new album, “Who Are You Selling For” is scheduled for release on October 21st which coincided with the kickoff of their U.S. tour.   The black and white music video is punctuated with some red tinges that perfectly match meeting the Devil at the crossroads to make a deal.   If you remember their last album featured the single “Going To Hell”, add in their smash “Make Me Wanna Die” and you’ve got the start of a great Halloween Rock Mix Playlist.

“GOING TO HELL” – The Pretty Reckless