Prince Bootleg, Extraloveable: 3 Doors Down, Mary J Blige

“FEEL INSIDE”                  MARY J. BLIGE (Ft. NAS)

The Queen of Hip Hop Soul is back with a new CD.   This release has a commercial feel, lots of guest stars, Mary’s voice is so emotive she doesn’t need the gimmicks.   But I do love what Nas adds to this song plus there’s a Wu Tang Clan sample, passionate lyrics, could be a big hit!    Chants of “Brooklyn” with effects at the end is creative….FYI  Nicki Minaj was on this track on the mixtape but Nas replaced her.

“BELIEVER”                                  3 DOORS DOWN

3 Doors Down with a faster, almost grunge-sounding track after so many power ballads.     From the 2011 CD, Time Of MY Life, this track has energy, a big chorus, swirling guitar riffs, fun song to play loud driving in your car!


Technically, a NEW RELEASE by Prince but it’s been on bootlegs years ago.    This one has a classic 90’s R&B bassline, a crazy hook, sexy lyrics, and a fun summer vibe.     Prince is a genius and like many geniuses, he’s been too creative for his own good.   But anyone who saw him in concert knows he’s electric and has the audience addicted to him on stage.     I’ve seen him 3 times live and each time was an “experience I’ll never forget”. Sorry: YouTube, as usual, pulled the video at Prince’s request