Prince + George Clinton = FUNKTACULAR!

prince-george-clinton-letter“Must have been moondust floatin’ on the day of your birth ‘cuz I’ll be damned if you’re from planet Earth”. – Prince wrote this on a note to his longtime friend and musical collaborator, George Clinton. The P-Funk/Parliament funk master proclaimed after Prince’s death, “when you come to the concept of a rock star, Prince is that, he’s the epitome of that.” Noticeably upset over his death, George said, “You could see he was Sly Stone for the new generation, this is so hard on my brain right now.”



george_clinton_cinderella_theory Their symbiotic relationship was truly “one nation under a groove” and actually helped further each of their careers. When Prince was first introduced to George, he took him under his wing and helped him get his career started in the 70s by introducing Prince to the right people in the music industry. During Prince’s epic run in the 80s, Prince returned the favor by signing George to his label, Paisley Park and released his comeback 1989 album “The Cinderella Theory”. Clinton fired back with an incredible cover of Prince’s “Erotic City”. Prince later added George Clinton to his 1990 film, “Graffiti Bridge”. When Clinton was inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in 1997, guess who inducted him? Prince and his wife, Mayte, did the honors at the ceremony. Let’s check out a couple rare collaborations between two of the greatest funkmasters of all-time:

“PARADIGM” (rare) George Clinton with Prince

PRINCE inducts Parliament Into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

“FLASHLIGHT” P-Funk with Prince

“EROTIC CITY” George Clinton (Prince cover)