We Have No Privacy: Korn Gets Political


korn spike in my veinsWho would have guessed one of the most political music videos in a years would be Korn in 2014?   They’ve drifted so far off the radar, Korn fans are a dying breed.   But their latest single, “Spike In My Veins” and the accompanying video should resuscitate their popularity.   Government surveillance, NSA spying, wiki-leaks, phone tapping, and internet tracking have become so common-place that most deem it as inevitable today.   Korn’s video attacks the chaos and also calls into question the glorification of celebrity.  Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, Justin Bieber, Kanye West, and Miley Cyrus news footage dominates our media when the more sinister theft of our privacy and secrets is being stolen by the government day by day.    Powerful message by Korn that should deserves to reach a wider audience.


rancid let the dominoes fallIn 2009, L.A. punk rockers, Rancid, released their first new album in over five years. “Let The Dominoes Fall” continued the band’s music legacy: hardcore street punk with a little ska influence, but they softened their sound here. There are political references in songs like “New Orleans” about the plight after Katrina and “Civilian Ways”. For “Disconnected”, the band said, “This song is about that evolution of change. For better or worse our country isn’t the same as when we were younger. When you grow up in America you’re taught in the public school system to be loyal and to love your country through reciting The Pledge of Allegiance. In general, some of us covet it, or in some cases even rebel from it. Sometimes you can feel close or far away from a place, family member or even your own home town. It doesn’t mean you love it less or disrespect it.