Punk Rock Animation Tribute: Social Distortion, Ra, and Rod Stewart


social distortionAnyone remember those flip books where you saw a little picture in the corner of the first page, then when you flipped the pages, the story came to life as the images changed? Amplify that times 100 and you have a brilliant animation driven video from the L.A. punk band, Social Distortion.    During this 3 minute piece of art, you’ll see tributes to The Ramones, The Sex Pistols, The Clash, Iggy Pop, even Johnny Cash!    The song comes from their most recent CD, “Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes”.



rod passionRod Stewart’s career has been a rollercoaster. He started as a blues singer in English pub bands, progressed to recording albums like Every Picture Tells A Story that became some of the greatest classic rock albums of the 70’s. Then he dabbled in disco with songs like Do Ya Think I’m Sexy? An 80’s career that teetered back and forth between cheesy pop hits and legitimate rock classics. You never knew which Rod Stewart was coming? A brilliant MTV unplugged session in the 90’s rekindled those 70’s memories. Now he’s on the Home Shopping Network selling his series of overplayed American classic oldies. Here’s a favorite from the disco era, one of the greatest bassline grooves of all-time and a PERFECT late night driving song!


every little thingIt’s hard to think of too many of Sting’s compositions that have been covered well by other artists. Regatta Mondatta was a reggae tribute album of Police covers but that was a predictable themed concept. A little known L.A. band called Ra attempted a legitimate hard rock cover of this classic in 2005 on their “Duality” CD. When the Police recorded this song in 1980 on “Ghost In The Machine” they added a reggae bounce but Ra trades the tropical beats for electric guitar solos. Love it or hate it, what do you think?

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  1. I personally loved Ra’s “Every little thing she does is magic. Rod Stewart is a trip!!! “Passion” is one of my favorite RS songs. VERY NICE!!! The Social Distortion video was AMAZING!!!!!! I watched it a few times and I’m still smiling!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 I’m in a very happy place right now!!