Put The Bunny Back In The Box: Trisha Yearwood, Amanda Marshall, and R.Kelly’s Tribute To Whitney Houston


Con-Air, love it or hate it?   Opinions vary but it definitely touched a nerve with so many.   Take this song for example:  nominated for an Oscar for Best Song and nominated for a Razzie for Worst Song in a Film (it didn’t win either).   So many vintage Nic Cage moments, the scene on the plane where a jacked up Cage is telling Cyrus The Virus to put his daughter’s bunny back in the box.  Learning his wife is pregnant while they’re slow dancing and he places his head on Monica Potter’s stomach.  And the tear inducing reunion with his wife and beautiful daughter after the plane crash (into the Hard Rock Hotel!) with this song’s inspiring hook oozing out every bit of emotion possible! 


This spiritual gem was written by R. Kelly a few years ago and recorded by Whitney Houston.   Taking it full circle, Robert brilliantly performed this song at Whitney’s funeral.   His amazing gospel voice and the poignant lyrics brought everyone to their feet and you can see Bobby Kristina crying during this song.


Her debut album had SIX top 40 hits in her native land, Canada but only ONE in the U.S.  Barrie introduced me to her music as she worked closely with her in the 90’s.  It’s an excellent introduction CD but sadly her career didn’t keep up that momentum.   Her last CD was released in 2001 and she has been in a legal dispute with her management over royalties since then. 


  1. Awwww, I can only imagine how painful that must have been when she was just a baby. That song’s lyrics are so powerful, I love that song! Have you seen ConAir? I love how they use the song in the movie.

  2. The video for How do I live was so cute with Nicholas Cage. That’s such a sweet song. I remember singing this song to Sarah when she was a baby. She got very ill at 3 months old and had to spend some time in the hospital. This song means alot to Sarah and I. 🙂 R. Kelly song was so emotional and Amanda Marshall has a nice voice.