Queen Rocks – What’s Their Heaviest Song?

Soccer stadiums worldwide know the songs that make the crowd go wild.  The anthems that get the fists pumped and the crowd chanting along.   Queen has a trio of these songs in their repertoire – “We Will Rock You”, “Another One Bites The Dust”, and the triumphant “We Are The Champions”.   But when it comes to Queen’s heaviest song of all-time you’ve got a dig a little deeper into their archives.    Make no mistake, Queen Rocks! They may have left its mark with softer hits like “You’re My Best Friend”, “Who Wants To Live Forever”, and their operatic masterpiece “Bohemian Rhapsody”.  But when you’ve got a lead guitarist like Brian May (who I consider one of the top 20 rock guitarists of all-time) and a master vocalist as powerful as Freddie Mercury, they know how to kick-start it into hard rock mode.   Here’s Queen’s three heaviest songs:


Metallica recorded “Garage Inc.”, a double album of hardcore covers and favorites from their 70’s rock heroes including Thin Lizzy, Blue Oyster Cult, and Bob Seger.  The two minute metal frenzy on their cover of Queen’s “Stone Cold Crazy” was one of the album’s definite highlights and it was also released as the B-Side to “Enter Sandman”. But even an incredible Metallica cover doesn’t surpass the power of the original version. The one/two punch of Brian May’s vicious guitar solo and Roger Taylor’s abuse of his drums on “Stone Cold Crazy” might be the definitive hard rock song in Queen’s catalog.  It’s a headbanging classic.


On their debut album, Queen borrowed on the influence of other U.K. bands like Led Zeppelin and went dark.    “Son And Daughter” opens with a heavy plodding Brian May riff and if not for the vocal harmonies, you could easily replace Ozzy Osbourne’s vocals on the track and hear it on a Black Sabbath record.


From their 1991 album, “Innuendo”, the band almost veers off into speed metal with this hard driving guitar heavy track that reminded fans that Queen could still bring out the hammer when they wanted.   You’ve got to get to the solo at the 3:20 mark!



  1. You wren’t kidding about Son And Daughter being a heavy song. I have some old books that class 70s Queen as Heavy Metal and you can see why on this.