U-saved-meFor R. Kelly’s sixth album, he couldn’t decide if he wanted to make a soulful throwback album or a spiritual record.   His solution?   He released a double CD with each of these themes.   Disc 2 was entitled, “U Saved Me” and featured ten uplifting songs of faith, hope, and the power of prayer.   Like Prince, R. Kelly has been a dichotomous artist who sing some of most sexually suggestive lyrics around and will turn around and record inspiring spiritual anthems that confess their faith and love of God.



r kelly u saved meThe album was recorded at the Chocolate Factory in Chicago and released in 2004.  There were no singles released from Disc 2 but the R&B flavored Disc 1, Happy People generated some radio airplay.   Many listeners and critics didn’t take Robert’s gospel recording serious as he was involved in a heated legal battle over his sexual exploits.   But a sincere listen to the CD showcases his earnest search for answers from a higher power.  It’s a powerful, emotional CD that makes you think about your life and the choices you’ve made.   Vital tracks include:  Prayer Changes, When I Think About You, Leap Of Faith, and the African tinged-“Peace”.



    1. “3-Way Phone Call” featuring Kelly Price, Kim Burrell & Maurice Mahon
    2. U Saved Me

    1. “Prayer Changes”

    1. “How Did You Manage”
    2. “I Surrender”
    3. “When I Think About You”

    1. “The Diary of Me”
    2. “Spirit”
    3. “Leap of Faith”
    4. “Peace”