R Kelly’s Sexiest Girl Group of the 90’s


Changing Faces Jay-ZRick James had his Top 40 protege band, The Mary Jane Girls and even helped Eddie Murphy have a hit song (Party All The Time).   Prince mentored bands like The Time, Vanity 6, The Family, Jill Jones, and Mayte.   So it wasn’t a shock when R. Kelly took Aaliyah under his wing and helped the beautiful R&B superstar become one of most iconic artists of the 90’s.    But R. Kelly’s influence went so much deeper.   Legendary soul singers, Ron Isley and Charlie Wilson, owe much of their recent success to R. Kelly’s help.   One 90’s girl group that often gets overlooked was Changing Faces, a duo discovered at a dermatologist’s office that scored multiple Top 40 hits with R. Kelly-penned singles.


Changing Faces R Kelly“Stroke You Up” somehow made it past the censors in the 1994 to reach #3 on the charts with the overtly sensual lyrics  “I want to show you something.  Turn the lights down half way.  Do you mind if I stroke you up (I don’t mind) Do you mind if I stroke you down (I don’t mind) All through the night (I don’t mind) Until your body’s tired.”   R. Kelly not only wrote the song, he recorded an uncredited vocal on the track.   Changing Faces hit #1 with their next album’s lead single “G.H.E.T.T.O.U.T.”  produced by R. Kelly.  Their last big hit, “All Of The Days” appeared on the Space Jam soundtrack most remembered for Robert’s smash “I Believe I Can Fly”.