Radiohead’s Internet Hoax

Radiohead LiveDuring the down period between Radiohead’s classic albums, Kid A and Amnesiac, there was a rumor of a lost Radiohead song called “Innocent Civilians” that was reportedly stolen from the studio.   The song was never put on any of their CD’s but before long, YouTube and music sharing sites had available a track called “Innocents” and then “Innocent Civilians” by Radiohead on their site.   The upbeat song didn’t really sound like Radiohead, but there was enough of a Thom Yorke vibe that fans accepted the track as a one of a kind bootleg single.   Radiohead’s message board even played along and described it as a “secret song” and a f**-ing masterpiece that disappeared with some rehearsal tapes.



00000tmpIt turns out the song was just an internet hoax that drove traffic to Radiohead’s site.   “Innocent Civilians” is actually titled “Some Things Must Go This Way” by a California band named Paloalto.   Their debut CD was released in 2000 on Rick Rubin’s American Recordings label.   Dig a little deeper and Scott Weiland (Stone Temple Pilots) released a cover of the song in 2008 on his solo record.    Check out the original and a melancholy Radiohead favorite “Fake Plastic Trees” that reminds me of the best of  Coldplay (“The Scientist”).