Ranking Mayday Parade: Which CD is best?

Anywhere_But_Here_(Mayday_Parade_album_-_cover_art)Yesterday, we introduced the new STUD Album Rating Format: S = Staying Power (20 pts), T= Tens (+2 for each “10” song), U = Universal Acclaim (sales, reviews, fan reaction) (10 pts), D = Duds (up to -10 for weak tracks). Let’s take a look at Tallahassee, Florida’s pop/punk/Emo band, Mayday Day, and see how their five albums score.

2007 A LESSON IN ROMANTICS After a successful run at the 2006 Warped Tour, Mayday Parade released their debut album. Like so many bands, their first album brought so much energy, creativity at their peak, and fans universally loved this CD. Nominated for a MTV Video Award, “When I Get Home, You’re So Dead” was the lead single. “Jersey” and “Jamie All Over” are two of the greatest songs ever recorded by the band. Named to the Top 51 Most Essential Pop Punk Albums of All Time by Rock Sound. S(17) + T(8) + U(7) – D(1) = 31 #1

2009 ANYWHERE BUT HERE Singer/guitarist, Jason Lancaster, left the band over creative differences. No huge singles here although “Kids In Love” is an exuberant burst of love and happiness. Critics gave the album middle of the road ratings and it’s good but a step backwards. Best track: “I Swear This Time I Mean It”. S(14) + T(6) + U(5) – D(2) = 23 #3

2011 MAYDAY PARADE Debuting at #12 on the Billboard Album Charts, their self-titled third album brought the band back to the forefront. If you’re making a Best Of album you’ve got to start with the emotional “Stay” and don’t sleep on the amazing last song on the album, “Happy Endings Are Stories That Haven’t Ended Yet.” Like most fans and critics, it’s rated as the band’s second best album after their debut. S(17) + T(6) + U(6) – D(2) = 27 #2

2013 MONSTERS IN THE CLOSET Actually their highest charted album for its debut week, #10 on the charts. The singles “Ghosts”, “Girls”, and “Hold Onto Me” never became the huge hits needed to keep the momentum going. It’s an easily forgettable album in retrospective especially when compared to their earlier work. S(11) + T(4) + U(6) – D(3) = 18 #4

2015 BLACK LINES The pop punk genre that dominated the 2000’s is has lost a lot of luster in the past decade. Mayday Parade felt they had fallen into a rut and needed to get back to the basics. The album is a more organic, raw, and personal album which makes sense since they ditched outside songwriters and wrote all of the songs themselves. It may not have produced a lot of hits but it’s one of the better overall releases in their discography. S(12) + T(4) + U(7) – D(3) = 20 #3