Rare Bitchin’ 80’s Metal: Pat Benatar, Lita Ford, Lee Aaron

“Bitchin'” – 80’s Term meaning cool, excellent, awesome!   The origin is from California surfers, it has NOTHING to do with female slang.



lita ford out for bloodYou’ve heard a bass guitar being called an “axe” before, but in the video for Lita Ford’s “Out For Blood”, Randy Rand is actually playing an axe! Randy is best known as the lead bassist for the 80’s metal band, Autograph (“Turn Up Your Radio”). On this Lita Ford jam from her debut album, the riffs are a little rougher, Lita looks less glam, and you can tell “Out For Blood” is different from the Lita Ford we’re used to seeing on MTV. Not saying that’s a bad thing, this song really rocks hard and is truly a lost 80’s gem.


lee aaron rockerIf you’ve never heard of Lee Aaron before, you’re not alone. Despite winning three Juno Awards (Canadian’s equivalent to the Grammys) for Best Female Rock Vocalist, Lee never had a big hit in the States. Her biggest hits, “Metal Queen”, “Hands On”, and the softer “Only Human” were semi-popular in Europe and her native, Canada. But Lee is definitely a rocker worth your time and attention. “Whatcha Do To My Body” is a sexy rocker than shows off some slick 80’s hair metal guitar riffs and those quick MTV video edits that dominated the era.

pat benatar get nervousEven if you’re a big Pat Benatar fan, it’s unlikely you’ve seen this video in a long time (if ever). The title track from Pat’s four CD, Get Nervous, was never released as a single. The video was played on MTV but not in heavy rotation. If you’ve ever had that lurking fear of a visit to the dentist’s office, this video won’t help you out. You’ve got to love the Bride of Frankenstein hair-do that Pat’s sporting here. Of course, the video has one of the classic twist endings that so many 80’s videos loved to surprise us.