Rare Kid Rock Exclusive Songs

Kid Rock has been known to mix up his concert setlist with a song by Run DMC or take a stab at Queen’s “Fat Bottomed Girls” or even cover an old country classic by Bocephus.   But if you’re a true Kid Rock fan, you might have missed a few rare studio recordings that deserve a spot in your ultimate Kid Rock playlist.   Let’s countdown these four rare tracks and discover how to get them!

#1   GUILTY  – Best Buy Exclusive track on his “Rock And Roll Jesus” LP

How could this hard driving rocker be left off the album?   An explicit track that combines the energy of Kid Rock’s “Rock And Roll Pain Train” with the spoken lyrics from his “Devil Without A Cause” days.

#2   “MESSIN’ WITH THE KID”   found on the album “Rhythm And Blues” by Buddy Guy

The blues standard may be most recognized by the version recorded by John Belushi’s band, The Blues Brothers.   Long time blues fans wil, of course, know the original by the legendary Junior Wells.   Kid Rock’s vocals rip into the newly recorded track and you just can’t do any better than Buddy Guy on lead guitar.

#3  “GIMME BACK MY BULLETS”  – Lynyrd Skynyrd “Vicious Cycle”  

A few years back, I thought it was sacrilegious but Lynyrd Skynyrd OPENED for Kid Rock in Tampa.   My how times have changed!   Kid Rock recorded a duet of the Southern Rock classic, “Gimme Back My Bullets” with the current lineup of Lynyrd Skynyrd a few years back.   He does slip in a few F-bombs that shock fans of the original but it’s a fun remake that rocks even harder than Ronnie’s version.

“LUCKENBACH, TEXAS”  found on the Waylon Jennings tribute album “I’ve Always Been Crazy”.   

Taking over the Outlaw roles of Waylon and Willie are Kenny Chesney and Kid Rock.   One of these artists doesn’t exactly live up to the rebel artist hype.   But Kenny’s there for crossover appeal and it’s an essential Kid Rock favorite.