Rare Springsteen and “Love On A Train”


Released on the box set, Tracks, Bruce Springsteen wears his heart on his sleeve with this heartbreaking love song from the early 90’s.   There is so much longing and hopefulness in Bruce’s voice and Clarence’s sax solo creates one of the most emotionally charged songs in Springsteen’s catalog.
Love these lyrics:  “Once I was your treasure and I saw your face in every star, but the promises we make at night, oh that’s all they are, unless we fill them with faith and love, they’re as empty as the howlin’ wind”.  This video is the recording session from the Blood Brothers DVD.


As we all know, Tom Cruise is getting divorced for the third time.    Did you know every one of his wives was 33 years old at the time of the divorce?    Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman, and now Katie Holmes, same age, might be a coincidence but surprising!   In another twist, Tom has hired the divorce lawyer Nicole used, to represent him this time. Here’s a song from Risky Business, I’m sure you remember the sexy scene with Rebecca DeMornay on the Chicago subway train.  Tangerine Dream were an electronic (synthesizer) band who scored over 20 films beyond Risky Business.


What a year, personal life in a mess while his career is coming back strong.  Mission Impossible 4:  Ghost Protocol was a blockbuster hit.  Tom did such an amazing job in Rock Of Ages, and his new movie, Jack Reacher, set to open on December 21st, looks like a winner.  The movie looks similar to “Drive” with Ryan Gosling.  Here’s a HD trailer that just released.


A rock band formed in high school from Eustis, Florida, with a powerful female lead singer named Dawn Michele.   The classmates heard Dawn sing at graduation, so impressed by her voice, they asked her to join the band.   Fireflight is a mega selling Christian band with seven #1 hits in the genre, but their lyrics can be interpreted in many secular ways too.    If you like Evanescence, give them a try.  “Forever” was never chosen as a single but I think it’s a great song to highlight the band’s sound.