Rebel Soul and Don’t Let Politics Divide Us: New Kid Rock CD and a lost PSA


November 19th is the release date of “Rebel Soul”, the new album by Detroit rocker, Kid Rock. He’s described the CD as a “return to having fun”. No guest stars this time, more guitar, and an emphasis on celebrating Bob’s love for multiple genres of music will be highlighted. A dark song, “The Mirror” will remind listeners of Pink Floyd. A Southern rock/hip hop blend, “Cocaine & Gin”, is a trip back to 1990’s Kid Rock style. “3 Catt Boogie” and “Chickens In The Pen” are sexually charged rockers. “Let’s Ride” is a song for the troops a “theme song” for those heading into battle. The outstanding official lyric video has some great images of soldiers, Kid’s eternally defiant attitude, and The General Lee from The Dukes of Hazard TV show.


The Motor City has a special place in the history of rock and roll music. Kid Rock pays homage to his hometown and drops the names of Bob Seger, The Supremes, Marvin Gaye, and Aretha in another “Rebel Soul” new track named “Detroit, Michigan”. Add in Eminem, Ted Nugent, Madonna, The White Stripes, The Stooges, and Alice Cooper and you can see how dominant Detroit has been to music history. In the first official video, “Cucci Galore” brings back some vintage 1999 Kid Rock sex rhymes mixed with some metal guitars.


1. Chickens In The Pen

2. Let’s Ride

3. 3 CATT Boogie

4. Detroit, Michigan

5. Rebel Soul

6. God Save Rock N Roll

7. Happy New Year

8. Celebrate

9. The Mirror

10. Mr. Rock n Roll

11. Cucci Galore

12. Redneck Paradise

13. Cocaine and Gin

14. Midnight Ferry

“AMERICANS”     KID ROCK and SEAN PENN:   Public Service Announcement Film

The video ends with the line, “Don’t Let Politics Divide Us”. When you have a heated election for President, both sides become so passionate that political conversations can turn to arguments, even friendships are tested. The divisive nature of the two party system needs to be reconciled, remember this is the UNITED States of America. In a lost PSA, Kid Rock and Sean Penn argue their differences and ultimately remember that we are stronger as one unit. Despite differences, our country was built on diversity. A highlight of the PSA is seeing Sean Penn in a Nascar shirt and Kid Rock dressed in a Peta T-Shirt.