Remembering Selena – 21 Year Anniversary of Her Passing

Selena White MidriffSince 1995, one of the most common baby girl names is Selena.  Wonder why?  Can you guess who was the first Latin artist to ever hit #1  on the Billboard Album Charts?    Santana, Ricky Martin, Enrique, maybe J-Lo?    At the age of 24, Selena Quintanilla topped them all with her first English crossover album, “Dreaming Of You” which debuted at #1 in 1995.    Nicknamed the “Latin Madonna”, Selena catapulted Latin music into the mainstream in the U.S.    Young girls imitated her look, style, and packed arenas as her career skyrocketed in record time.   Before Selena, Tejano music was simply a regional sound, but her playful, sexy performances made it “cool” in the States.   Who knows if artists like Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, and Shakira would go on to dominate the pop charts if the “people’s princess” hadn’t shattered the glass ceiling for Latin artists?




selena-quintanilla_0Today marks the 21st Anniversary of Selena’s death by her fan club manager.   Jennifer Lopez, not only starred as Selena in her first major acting role, she’s said that Selena made her believe that she could truly do it all – sing, dance, act, whatever she dreamed was possible.   Selena’s death occurred just as her career was kicking into overdrive; we can only imagine what was ahead for this incredible superstar on the rise.  Some remember the death of Elvis, JFK,  or John Lennon, but for many Spanish music fans, Selena’s death carried the same impact.   The vigils, tributes, and outpouring of love continue to this day for the “Queen of Tejano” music.