Respect Your R&B Elders: Gladys Knight, Wilson Pickett, Isley Jasper Isley

gladysIn two short years, ago we lost Whitney, Donna Summer, Etta James, Teena Marie, Teddy Pendergrass, and so many more true soul legends. The current roster of R&B singers can’t hold a candle to these legendary singers that gave their heart and soul to their music. Will we feel the same about artists like Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Britney Spears, and Ne-Yo one day? Time will tell. Compare this to a song like Gladys Knight’s “I’m not taking anymore of this nonsense” 90’s classic, this is what a Hall Of Fame legend sounds like!



isley_jasper_isley-caravan_of_love(epic)If there’s a Hall of Fame for slow dancing songs, you’d have to add an extra wing for the Isley Brothers. Songs like “Between The Sheets” probably contributed to countless late night memories for romantic couples. The band has generated Top 40 singles in FIVE decades!! In the 80’s, the younger brothers and brother in law, Chris Jasper, broke away for a 3 year period for a successful era. Their highlight was “Caravan Of Love”, one of those positive themed anthems that is the perfect remedy for when this world brings you down.


Wilson+Pickett+PNGWilson Pickett and the Midnight Movers, pure unadulterated rhythm and blues, the embodiment of body and soul in a three minute record. “In The Midnight Hour”, “Mustang Sally”, “Land of 1000 Dances”,…..we lost the Detroit R&B legend in 2006, but his songs will truly live forever. “I’m In Love” doesn’t need any studio tricks or exaggerated beats, it’s Wilson’s emotive voice, an amazing backing band, and a simple Bobby Womack written song with timeless love song lyrics.