Adrenaline Mob with Lizzy Hale cover Duran Duran


Unexpected new cover by a new band, Adrenaline Mob, with help from Halestorm’s amazing lead singer.   “Come Undone” was the last hit for Duran Duran during their heyday before their 2010 comeback.   Adrenaline Mob is a new Supergroup made up of members of Dream Theatre, Fozzy, and Static X. “PERFECT”    MY DARKEST DAYS

“How dare she be this perfect” 😉   This CD should be a big seller, it’s loaded with 3 or 4 potential singles.  My Darkest Days is a Chad Kroeger (Nickelback) project so you know it’s a band built for rock radio.  “Perfect” sounds like a hit.   The first single “Casual Sex” isn’t as memorable. “KNEW IT ALL ALONG”  KEITH SWEAT, GERALD LEVERT, and JOHNNY GILL

Oh yeah, the return of LSG!!   Levert, Sweat, and Gill released their first CD in 1997 with the big hits “My Body” and “Curious” with LL Cool J.   They’re back with a new single that features all three at the top of their game.   Classic R&B like this is missing from the charts today, old school jam with HEART, SOUL, and great PASSION!