Rhiannon’s Best Version Ever: Fleetwood Mac ,Scott Stapp (Of Creed),Trust Company


Incredible version of Stevie Nick’s first big hit.    Rumor has it, Stevie wrote the song in only 10 minutes.   The song is inspired by a Welsh witch but the sone has taken on a life of its own.   This video from their reunion CD, The Dance, starts with a subtle, soft intro by Stevie, then Mick’s drums kick in and the familiar rock version begins, then at 4:41 Stevie reinvents the song with her chant of “Dreams unwind, love’s a state of mind”, amazing video!!


From his 2005 solo CD, Scott Stapp channels the inner demons that he’s struggled with over the years.   In 2003, he put a gun to his head and contemplated suicide.   His band, Creed, had broken up after harsh words from critics and Scott’s feud with band members.   “Broken” deals with depression and overcoming the mental war inside everyone’s head at some point.  The inspiring lyrics including a powerful chorus means a lot to Scott and countless others as seen by the comments online.


A skater band out of Alabama released this single in 2005.   “Stronger” is a great post-breakup song and it has inspired me with the simple but direct lyrics:  “You want to tear me down, you want to hold me down, you can’t control me now, You cannot take me out, because I’m stronger now”.    Love the video in the skating halfpipe, great energy!