ROLLING STONES MANIA? The Stones 1964 Debut


rolling stones fade away1964 will forever be known as the start of Beatlemania. The Beatles legendary invasion of the States took over the airwaves. But 1964 was also the debut of their bad boy evil twin, The Rolling Stones. While the Beatles were telling you they wanted to hold your hand, the Stones were firing back with “I Just Wanna Make Love To You”. While the Beatles were dominating the U.S. charts in ’64, the Rolling Stones self-titled debut album spent 12 weeks at #1 in England. Their lead off single was Buddy Holly’s hit, Not Fade Away complete with maracas and a Brian Jones harmonica solo.


Rolling-Stones-CarolThe first Rolling Stones album was basically a tribute to the band’s favorite blues and R&B influences. Mick and Keith, in fact, only wrote one song on their first album. They covered Chuck Berry (Carol), Rufus Thomas (Walking The Dog), Phil Spector, and a slew of blues artists including Willie Dixon, Slim Harpo, and Jimmy Reed. Check out this early footage of the band and compare it to the early Beatles. Mick in the open shirt vs the Beatles tailored suits, Mick’s devious look, and the more dangerous crowd frenzy compared to the Fab Four.


i just want to make love to youThe band’s second single was a blues workout that made no hint that they were going to be a clone of the Beatles. Brian Jones harmonica solo and Bill Wyman’s defiant guitar work perfectly compliment Jagger’s early swagger on the sexually aggressive blues classic. This version is from Dean Martin’s show at the Hollywood Bowl in 1964. The Stones and Beatles took different career paths but ultimately both groups were pushed to greater levels by the competition.


  1. You have great taste in music! Those early Stones songs are intense especially for their time. Compare them to the early Beatles, night and day difference.

  2. This is without a doubt one of my favorite blogs ever!!!!! OMG how intense!!!! I loved every single video!!! This completely made my night!