Rolling Stones Sing County?: The Rolling Stones, Simply Red, and Salt-N-Pepa


Cheryl and Sandy (Salt N Pepa) and their friend, DJ Spinderella, became the first female rap group to go gold, then platinum, then do it again!   The first female rap Grammy Winners, on and on goes their legacy.   Summer jams like “Push It”, “Shoop”, “Shake Your Thing” can still instantly fill a dancefloor.   “Do You Want Me” is another of those 90’s hip hop club bangers!  I wore out those S&P CD’s back then.  


Shoot the video in Rio de Janeiro, perfectly mix in a sample of the one of the definitive 80’s pop songs, and add in the underrated blue-eyed soulful voice of Mick Hucknall of Simply Red and you get an incredible pop video experience.  This was the perfect song to stump people back in the day, ask them who sings this song?  The Hall And Oates sample gives way to a familiar but distant voice.    The lyrics are hopeful, romantic, and it’s a beautiful song to share with someone special.


My favorite Stones Era, the Mid 70’s (Sticky Fingers, It’s Only R&R, Black & Blue, Some Girls), they made CLASSIC rock but experimented with everything from disco to reggae to ballads to punk, even an old-fashioned country song like “Far Away Eyes”.   This one comes from “Some Girls” and you’ve never seen or heard the band like this before, ENJOY!   Mick’s crazy expressions and his laugh, Charlie’s playful disgust at this song, hysterical!


  1. Major Booty Shaking Days (I Like That!) 🙂 Sunrise is such a perfect song. Simply Red isn’t a favorite of mine but this song, video, sample, lyrics, vocals, just a great overall song.

  2. Another incredible trip back to the 80’s with Salt n Pepa. This was one of my favs back in my major booty shaking days! 😉 lol The video for Sunrise is pretty hot… Wow… The lyrics are amazing! 😉 ^_^