ROMEO MEETS JULIET: Dire Straits, Lou Reed, Taylor Swift


romeo julietMovie director, Baz Luhrmann, has just released his adaptation of the Great Gatsby novel.   Sticking with what’s familiar, Baz has teamed up with Leonardo DiCaprio for the second time after first collaborating on their version of William Shakespeare’s Romeo And Juliet.   The tragic, eternal, love story of two star-crossed lovers has inspired countless romantic books, movies, and even classic some classic songs.   Dire Straits recorded a version in 1980 that features a simple introduction before an epic rock guitar workout.



romeo had julietteLou Reed’s fifteenth CD, New York, was a return to his city roots and his Velvet Underground sound.   The first single was Dirty Boulevard but the album’s opening track, Romeo Had Juliette, described an inner city love affair between Romeo Rodriguez with his long black ponytail and his love, Juliette.  The song vividly describes the grime and corruption of the streets with the beauty of a love affair to make everything feel right.  It ends with these teenage heartbreak lines:

The perfume burned his eyes
holding tightly to her thighs
And something flickered for a minute
and then it vanished and was gone


taylor-swift-love-storyWritten from the perspective of Juliet, a teenage Taylor Swift flipped the theme of Shakepeare’s masterpiece and turned the tragedy into a pop song with a happy ending.   Taylor wrote the song in twenty minutes and described being inspired by a boyfriend that her friends and family didn’t approve, but Taylor was optimistic that true love would over all obstacles.   The romantic song has become one of Taylor’s most covered compositions and a wonderful twist on the Romeo and Juliet theme.