Ronda Rousey “Too Masculine”?

Ronda Rousey Too MasculineUFC Superstar Ronda Rousey just destroyed her biggest rival in 34 seconds.    Her last three fights have lasted a grand total of 104 seconds TOTAL!    The current #1 fighter in the world is now getting some backlash that her physique is “too masculine”.   Whenever someone dominates their field, haters come out of the woodwork to try to knock them down a notch.   Thankfully this critical body shaming of the Queen Of The Octogon is the exception.   An ESPN poll overwhelmingly found Ronda as the envy of most guys.    Many women today have embraced a fit and healthy lifestyle that includes cross-training and developing more shapely and toned bodies.  The pursuit of a lean and stronger physique has become the “new sexy” over the previously sought-after skinny model look.  Ronda Rousey fired back at the insult, “Listen, just because my body was developed for a purpose other than f*****g millionaires doesn’t mean it’s masculine” and said “I’m not a do-nothing b***h that just tries to look pretty and be taken care of someone else.”   Sexy comes in all shapes and sizes as Ronda demonstrated as she vacationed in Brazil  after her UFC 190 championship fight.






Ronda Rousey’s UFC  Walk-In Theme Song