Russian Roulette: Rihanna, Ginuwine, and Ziggy Marley


My favorite song from 2009, Rihanna’s powerful turning point of her career.    After the Chris Brown mess, Rihanna was at a crossroads.   Her career, her dating relationship, and image changed after this song and CD was released.   The lyrics say it all, “I’m terrified but I’m not leaving, I know I must pass this test.”  Intense song and video, Rihanna is the new Madonna, reinventing her image with every new single.   From R&B to reggae to hip hop to techno dance tracks & rock-influenced jams, Rihanna meshes it all yet always stays true to her Island roots, Rihanna is at the top of her game right now.


Ginuwine first hit the charts with the insane funky beat of  “Pony” and hit #1 with his ballad “Differences” released during the 9/11 tragedy after his father committed suicide.   “In Those Jeans (explicit version)” is classic sexual R&B, Ginuwine’s  complimenting the ladies for driving us guys wild!  The remix version has a hot dance breakdown at 3:22 between Ginuwine and his partner.      


Ziggy is the oldest son of Bob and Rita Marley.   He was the first to have a big hit after his father’s death when “Tomorrow People” became a reggae favorite.   “Beach In Hawaii” is a simple longing love song wishing he could share the beautiful Hawaiian Islands with his distant loved one.