Dance Party: MJ demo, Boogie Nights, Cheryl Cole

DAILY MUSIC TRIVIA QUESTION:   Cheryl Cole was almost a judge on the US version of the X-Factor, who replaced her?  Yesterday: “It’s All Over Now”


Robert wrote this song for Michael Jackson and here’s the unbelievable demo version updated and released on R. Kelly’s new CD, “Write Me Back”.  As you may recall, R. Kelly wrote Michael’s #1 hit, “You Are Not Alone”, the video starred his wife, Lisa Marie Presley.  One unique distinction with “You Are My World” is that Robert actually sounds like he’s emulating Jackson’s voice.   Rumor has it that he wanted to give MJ a feel for the song in Michael’s key.   It sounds like this could have fit on Dangerous or Invincible.   I could totally see MJ adding some signature ad-libs and having a big hit with this jam!  This version is Updated, not the one heard on the internet last year.

“I CAN ONLY IMAGINE”    DAVID GUETTA with Lil Wayne & Chris Brown

Watching this video you wonder if this is a preview of a new summer blockbuster Sci-Fi movie.  David Guetta’s record company broke the bank with this ultra-expensive music video reminiscent of Tron and Promethus.  So many special effects, Holograms, 3-D images, a skateboard ramp, and six different sets all fit into a four minute dance track.  The trio of David, Chris, and Wayne also performed this song at the 54th Grammy Awards.    “Nothing But The Beat”, Guetta’s platinum CD has now reached SIX singles hitting the charts!


Heatwave is no One Hit Wonder, in fact, they have 2 massively huge singles and they’ve scored a number of smaller hits.   You have the wedding song, the ultimate love theme, “Always And Forever”, later covered by Luther Vandross.    Then you have their funk/disco party jam, “Boogie Nights”.   From the oriental chimes and beats in the introduction leading to the slow chant of “boogie nights, ooh, ooh, ooh”, till the beat drops, “Boogie Nights” is a timeless dance party jam. Heatwave also scored big with “The Groove Line”, a prerequisite at many house parties


Cheryl Cole was a member of the best girl group (Girls Aloud) out of England since the Spice Girls.   Cheryl was voted the World’s Sexiest Woman in 2010 and this video shares some reasons why.  Since leaving Girls Aloud and going solo, she’s released 3 CDs, and dropped her last name.   Like Madonna and Rihanna, she’s just CHERYL now.  Unlike Madonna and Rihanna, I’m not sure her talent would last long on Simon Cowell’s TV show, The X-Factor, a show she’s been a judge for in England.   This dance track is the highlight of Cheryl’s new CD, which isn’t saying much 🙂  The lyrics are too “urban” for Cheryl but that club beat is slamming, reminiscent of Rihanna’s “We Found Love”.