Schwarzenegger in a Metal Video? AC/DC, Sevendust, Quiet Riot, and Hardline


From their debut CD, Angus Young and Bon Scott at their best!   The greatest heavy metal band ever out of Australia, you can tell it’s an AC-DC from the first 5 seconds.   Distinctive guitar riffs, creative sexual innuendos, and a throbbing drumbeat describe pretty much every AC/DC song but they’re the best at it.   Incidentally after Bon Scott’s death, Brian Johnson has carried on the legacy.  He lives in Florida and occasionally shows up at local bars like Cuso’s on Indian Rocks Beach!




Living Colour, Thin Lizzy, Testament, Sepultura, Sevendust, what do they have in common?    All 5 of these are metal bands led by black lead singers.  Lajon Witherspoon reinvents the old school hip hop classic by LL Cool J, Sevendust’s intensity makes this a hardcore jam fit to get any mosh pit started.   If you love the LL original, you’ll likely smile at this metal cover.



Kevin DuBrow and Randy Rhoads started Quiet Riot in the 70’s.   During the 80’s they hit it big with 2 Slade covers, “Cum On Feel The Noise” and “Mama Weer All Crazy Now”.  MTV loved “Metal Health” and it was featured in Footloose.   Here is my favorite power ballad by the band.  The video captures the early days of bodybuilding and features young Lou Ferrigno, Lee Haney, and 7 time Mr Olympia winner, Arnold Schwarznegger.



A song that slipped through the cracks in the early 90’s, “Hot Cherie” has kind of a harder Journey type feel it.    Which is ironic when you discover that Neil Schon from Journey was originally a founding member.   The song isn’t groundbreaking but it’s got a great hook!


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