Seductive, Provocative, and 100% Sexy

Natassia Malthe KissSome songs are so immersive, provocative, and seductive that you can’t just listen to the music. Your entire body reacts to the haunting, throbbing beat and the visual lyrics set your mind racing with imagination. Music has the power to affect our lives in so many ways. I’m sure you can find a creative outlet for this playlist. For the record, many of the YouTube clips for these songs were NSFW. The versions selected here are visually safe but no one is recommending you play this at work, you never know where these songs will take you.




“PARADISE CIRCUS” Massive Attack

hope sandoval massive attackFeaturing guest vocals by Hope Sandoval of 90’s rockers, Mazzy Star, English Trip Hop Rockers, Massive Attack, mesmerize with a hypnotic dance remix. Hope’s sweet, sultry vocals mesh beautifully with the music. This song oozes sex appeal. “Paradise Circus” has been remixed multiple times including a popular dub-step version by the Canadian EDM duo, Zeds Dead. The song has been used by TV’s Gossip Girl and the BBC series, Luther.




“REV 22 20” Puscifier

puscifier rev 22 20Maynard James Keenen is the lead singer for Tool and A Perfect Circle. His solo side project Puscifier, allowed Maynard to push his creative limits to levels his bands never explored. Side members in Puscifier include Milla Jovovich, Brad Wilk, Lisa Germano, and his son, Devo. You may recognize the band for their clothing line. “Rev 22 20” is based on a Biblical reference to the Book of Revelations.


“BLOODSPORT” Sneaker Pimps

sneaker pimpsA wicked beat, curious lyrics, and funky chorus are punctuated by orgasmic squeals captured in this mix. The Sneaker Pimps were part of the same Trip Hop scene that Massive Attack claimed in the late 90’s. But the Sneaker Pimps relied more on synthesizers, vocals, and sampling than some of their peers. “Bloodsport” is one of those songs that many people have never heard before, but once you’ve been exposed, you want to tell your friends to check it out!