SEDUCTIVE RAINY NIGHT PLAYLIST (Vol 2): Janet Jackson, Candy Dulfer, R. Kelly

seductionBack in July 2012, a popular post was a sensual, slow jam fest called “Seductive Rainy Night Playlist”. There must have been something special in the air during the 90’s, those smooth R&B jams from the decade instantly get your heart started, fantasies are conjured up in your mind as the saxophone solos takes you drifting away to a better place. Light some candles, pop the cork on the bottle, turn down the lights, and pull the one you love closer to you. Here’s some mood inducing favorites to help set the mood:


Candy-Dulfer-Sax-A-Go-GoMy all-time favorite female Dutch saxophone player (I don’t know another 🙂 ) Candy Dulfer got a major career boost when Prince added her to his band during his Batman soundtrack days. Her long blonde hair, fantastic figure, and sexy style caught your eye but Candy’s enticing, mesmerizing, and sensual skills with the saxophone established her as an outstanding jazz musician. Here’s her only entry on the pop charts, a silky instrumental featuring Dave Stewart from the Eurythmics.

“SEX ME”      R. KELLY
rkelly_sexmeHands down, my favorite R&B CD of the early 90’s was R. Kelly’s 12 Play. This was R. Kelly’s finest hour. Club favorites like Bump & Grind and Summer Bunnies got the party started. But those soulful, sexually driven classics like It Seems Like Your Ready, 12 Play, and Your Bodies Calling put Robert at the forefront of the new Quiet Storm singers. On the 2 part, 10 minute mega-mix, Sex Me, the opening lyrics say it all:

I feel so freaky tonight
And i need someone to make me feel alright
So bring your body here baby
Lady have no fear
Im gonna fulfill your fantasies
Just as long as you


Janet-Jackson-Funny-How-TimeOn Janet’s monumental break-through CD, Control, her independence, strong will, and determination ring loud and true. What Have You Done For Me Lately? I’m In Control. It’s Janet….Ms Jackson if you’re nasty! But as the CD winded down, Janet allowed her softer feminine side to shine on the last two cuts. Let’s Wait Awhile hinted at taking things slow and easy but sometimes the passion gets build up so strong that the waiting becomes overpowering. On Funny How Time Flies, Janet moans and sighs as the intensity grows. As the song fades out, Janet whispers in French, hinting that she “really has to go” but her orgasmic purrs let’s us know the night is far from over.