See This World: Brad Paisley, Zac Brown Band, Kenny Chesney, Grace Potter


Brad Paisley - Southern Comfort ZoneI can’t think of a recent video that has brought a bigger smile to my face than Brad Paisley’s latest, “Southern Comfort Zone”.   The quick pace two camera editing is brilliant but what grabbed my attention was Brad’s whirlwind tour of Paris and Ireland in the video.  These were my two major vacations and Brad recaptured those memories for me.  He’s seen  jamming with fans at the Temple Bar in Dublin and walking along the river during an afternoon.   In Paris, he’s performing near the Eiffel Tower, the Arc, near the subway tunnels, and every other place I remember so fondly.    Unforgettable scenes with  giraffes, Abbey Road, and even elephants, as the video ends with the simple words:  “See This World.”


RedRocksAmphitheatreCan you imagine a more impressive concert location than outdoors at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado? Set against the beautiful countryside about 20 miles outside of Denver, the arena holds just under 10,000 people. The open-air festival seating is one of nature’s wonders with tilted rocks, massive vertical towers creating an intimate concert location. You’re likely to see eagles in the sky and just imagine the most inspiring colorful sunsets. Pollstar named the location the greatest concert location 11 times in their yearly poll and have since retired the location from voting. Here’s Zac Brown Band performing at Red Rocks.

grace potterThe beach at Malibu with the contrast of the strong powerful waves relentlessly crashing against the rocks and the tranquil, powdery, soft white sand where you can throw down a blanket and let your mind drift away to the beat of the waves. The nighttime scenes of Grace and Kenny on the quiet cliff overlooking the bright lights of the city in the valley below is a familiar movie highlight. As they’re cruising down Mulholland Drive, you almost feel like you’re seating in their passenger seat. Although the Malibu scenery mesmerized me, I’ll have to admit Grace’s legs took my mind in a different direction 🙂