Sexiest Country Song Of All-Time: Tim McGraw, Aaron Lewis, Julie Roberts

“LET ME LOVE YOU”                    TIM McGRAW

“Sometimes I close my eyes and imagine you’re with me.
Chasing passion into the night all tangled in a dream.
Oh if you could see my heart
The way I feel inside
You would know just how far
I’m willing to go to get to you
There is nothing I won’t do.

Show me what its like to lose control
Free the desire in your soul
Oh oh let me love you.

Add those passionate lyrics along with a seductive Spanish guitar solo that even Carlos Santana would be proud to call his own and let Tim McGraw spin his magic on the vocals and you can see why “Let Me Love You” could be the sexiest country song ever!   In 2001, it was the hidden gem from Tim McGraw’s Set This Circus Down CD that deserved to become a huge crossover single, but McGraw’s label went in another direction and kept him in the country music lane.   When someone tells you country music is all-twang, corny songs about trucks and drinking beer, play them this sexy song.  The music video here is a compilation of clips from the soap opera, General Hospital.   The beautiful Kelly Monaco and her co-star, Steve Burton light up the screen.  Pure passion!

“COUNTRY BOY”                          AARON LEWIS 

The lead singer of Staind caught the country music bug after touring with Kid Rock in 2010.  Aaron grew up around country music listening with his grandfather so after taking a hiatus from Staind, Aaron put out a personal EP with deep country roots called Town Line.  The lead single, “Country Boy”,  reminds me of a lost Hank Jr. tune, Southern Pride, patriotic, and 100% authentic.   One version of the video featured cameos by Charlie Daniels and George Jones.   On the EP, Aaron released a country version of “Tangled Up In You” which was first released as a rock track on Staind’s CD, The Illusion of Progress


Julie Roberts put out an amazing debut CD in 2004 and she should have been the next big thing in country music.  Unfortunately her career took a few wrong turns along the way, but you can’t deny her talent, voice, beauty, and song selection on the debut album.  If you’re looking for something new to listen to and you’re a country music fan, find Julie’s incredible self-titled CD. Intense songs like “Break Down Here” and “If You Had Called Yesterday” will blow you away. The latter track describes how fate and making one single decision can change your life forever. Julie’s voice has a bluesy, rough feel at times, but that only amplifies the genuine pain in these lyrics of a love gone wrong. The music industry is fickle and unpredictable.  Her 2nd CD, Men & Mascara crashed on the charts.  None of the singles become hits and Julie was dropped from her label. She’s too talented to just disappear, I’m still holding out hope for a Julie Roberts comeback before too long!