Sexy Country Duet: Kenny Chesney with Gretchen Wilson, Keith Urban, Stereoside


The timing of this song’s release hit me harder than ANY song has ever effected me.   Music has the amazing power to transport you to another place, to bring back Vivid memories, to bring you energy when you have none left, to open old wounds, to bring you a ray of sunshine when you’re hurting inside.     Thank you Keith for this heart-wrenching song!

“ON OUR OWN”                        STEREOSIDE

From Ocala, FL, Stereoside keeps Southern Rock alive in the last few years.   Their 2011 release is incredible.   Check out “Crazy and Paranoid”, “Walk Alone (Back to You)”, powerful songs with a HUGE chorus.    The song, “On Our Own” is from their 2nd CD and the first song I heard from the band.   Classic Southern Rock, changes in tempo, headbanging beats, and I love the name dropping of rock superstars, SRV, Elvis, Motley Crue, look for Laura Bush throwing up the devil horns :), Steven Tyler, Johnny Cash, Cinderella, you name it!  


Saw them in concert perform this together.    Gretchen was ruling the charts with “Redneck Woman” and she opened for Kenny.     Kenny Chesney knows how to put on a party, beach songs, high energy, sing-a-longs!    When he started singing Mellancamp’s Hurt So Good, I was blown away then he introduced Gretchen who came strutting out in her cowboy hat, leather pants, and heels, oh my!    Great duet!!!