Alanis Covers Green Day, Sexy Videos by Christina Aguilera & Florida Georgia Line


From 2005-2008, Christina was on top of the music pyramid. Her CD’s Stripped and Back To Basics, were full of top 40 hits, critics loved her songwriting and creativity, her music felt personal and inspired. She even sang with the Rolling Stones in their Scorsese directed documentary, “Shine A Light“. But then the bottom fell out, two weak CD’s Bionic and the soundtrack, Burlesque. A failed marriage and a new baby, tabloids pictures of Christina’s weight gain, messed up lyrics on the National Anthem, and she became the “butt” of many jokes (pun intended). Well, thankfully, Christina’s back with a new single that hopefully will reverse this downward slide. In the world premiere video, she goes on a murder rampage while still flaunting her sexy high heels and curvaceous slimmed down figure. Her new CD, Lotus, is scheduled for release later this year.


Country songs with loud rock guitars a hot sing-a-long chorus are hard for me to resist. Throw in the lyrics like, “Yeah, when I first saw that bikini top on her. She’s poppin’ right out of the South Georgia water. Thought, “Oh, good lord, she had them long tanned legs, Couldn’t help myself”…. I’m even more intrigued. Put it all together with the best country music party video of the year and I’m totally hooked. FGL is a new band on the rise, this is their first single on their second EP, looks like a bright future ahead if they can follow up on this smash.


Taking a hard rock song and stripping it down to its core and performing it acoustically usually reveals a deeper meaning to the lyrics. But this concept gets puts to the ultimate test. Ever imagine what Green Day’s punk anthem, “Basket Case” would sound like if Alanis Morisette recorded it acoustically? No, neither did I. But on Jimmy Kimmel, she totally changes the tempo and attitude of the song. You must check this out……….lyrics take on a whole new deeper meaning. Love it or hate it?