Shinedown “Through The Ghost” & James Durbin “Screaming”


Over the past seven years, Shinedown has been gaining popularity with each CD.    They peaked with “The Sound Of Madness” and their big singles, “Second Chance” and “If You Only Knew”.   Hopes are high that Amaryllis (their new CD) would push them to new levels.  With much disappoint, I found the CD to be their weakest, cliched, too radio friendly, and where is the rock?   Rolling Stone Magazine gave it a 2 out of 5 and added this memorable quote:  “These Florida rockers muster up anthems that would embarrass a Hallmark Card hack”.   “Through The Ghost” sounds like “Second Chance Part II” and will undoubtedly be a radio staple.    I do love the added sound of the bells (almost Christmas inspired?) and it’s one of the three best songs on the CD.


From 2011’s American Idol, James Durbin was the resident rocker and finished 4th like Chris Daughtry.   James’ debut CD is surprisingly much better than expected.  A power ballad “May” will get the cellphones lighting up the arenas, along with rockers like “Stand Up” that the NFL Network have used, and “Screaming”, an anthem for the underappreciated.   Simple chorus, pure cheese, but addictive at high volume:  “I’m screaming for the losers, screaming at the abusers, show them that we’re fed up, throw your hands up.”