SHINEDOWN “I’ll Follow You” and new KEITH URBAN


Keith-Urban-Little-Bit-of-EverythingClose your eyes, relax, and enjoy a little laid-back slice of heaven from our favorite Australian country music superstar. The new Keith Urban video is the perfect song to chill and remember how awesome life can be. The artistic vision of the video is “life is how you choose to look at” as Keith is seen in various scenes that take on a new dimension based on your viewpoint. It’s a feel-good inspirational video that may not change the world (but maybe it will for a moment).


shinedown_illfollowyouWith the soft romantic lighting, the piano introduction, and the couples holding hands in a field of dandelions, it’s not your typical Shinedown video. Then lead singer, Brent Smith, shows up in a stylish shirt and tie, it’s a nice change in direction for the Jacksonville rockers. The new song and video has tremendous crossover appeal and will likely bring a lot of new fans to Shinedown. Love how the rock guitar solo is matched up with roaring waves of the waterfall.