Shirley Manson Covers The Ramones: Garbage, Triumph, Rev Theory


From the tribute to the Ramones CD, Shirley Manson & Garbage cover Track 1 from the 1978 Ramones album “Road To Ruin”.    Often described as the First Punk Rock band, what I initially loved about the Ramones was their ability to play a full 15 song concert set in about 30 minutes.    Pure energy, fast songs usually kick-started with a “1-2-3….”, but catchy choruses that stuck in your brain forever.     Bubble gum pop songs with bombastic guitars and drums, you instantly recognize their signature sound as Shirley Manson adds her indelible style to the Ramones cover.  

“LAY IT ON THE LINE”                   TRIUMPH

Canadian rock bands ruled the 80’s.    April Wine, Aldo Nova, Honeymoon Suite, Rush, Saga, Loverboy, Corey Hart…..   Triumph came out of Toronto in the late 70’s and had more of a progressive rock sound.    They are often called a faceless band since their sound is famous but no member of the group stands out as their rock star.    “Lay It On The Line” is band’s most famous song in the States and was even resurrected for the Adam Sandler film “Grown Ups” in 2010.


“FAR FROM OVER”                     REV THEORY

Originally called Revolution Theory, this band has been poorly managed badly in my opinion.   Their songs are played at WWE matches, used in Madden video games, TV theme songs, but it makes them appear as an overly commercial radio band (aka Nickelback).   Rev Theory are amazing live, often playing acoustic sets that rival their energetic electric shows.   Their classic rock sound features a dynamic lead vocalist, a kick ass drummer, and they truly deserve to be known for their talent not simply their promotional tie-ins.