Sia’s Breathe Me: Jonny Lang and Frente!


Saw Sting in the late 90’s and his opening act was teenage blues guitarist, Jonny Lang.  Couldn’t wait to see Sting, but when I left the concert, Johnny Lang stole the show. In fact, I wanted to buy EVERYTHING Jonny Lang ever recorded.   So much soul, passion, a guitar maestro, compare the 16 yr old Lang to Justin Bieber, wow, today’s music has deteriorated.  By the way, Sting performed in a shiny shirt and tight leather pants.   I understand he’s a rock star but this was the ex-punk rocker Sting, in a word it was: “disturbing”.  


A breathtaking song from a relative unknown in the States.  Sia is Australian and has been very popular in her native land.  “Breathe Me” was released in the late 90’s and did not crack the US Charts yet the song has legs and was used on HBO’s Six Feet Under finale and Oprah’s last season.  


One of my first 45’s, “Brother Louie” is 70’s Gold!  One of the best inter-racial love songs of all-time, even with it’s cheesy lyrics of “brown sugar” 🙂 Originally written by Hot Chocolate, a group called the Stories took it to #1 in the U.S.  


A great cover takes the original in a direction.   Hearing Angie Hart’s soft, hopeful version of New Order’s biggest song is like hearing it for the first time.  Frente! also do a great cover of the Flintstones, “Open Up Your Heart and Let The Sun Shine In”!