Who Sings The New Apple AirPods Commercial?

You’ve probably seen the new commercial for Apple iPhone’s new headphones, the AirPods.   A Los Angeles dancer named Lil’ Buck strolls down the street defying gravity as he walks on ceilings, up building walls, and generates moves that Michael Jackson only dreamed of attempting.   The bouncy jingle behind the dancing is a song called “Down” by a Philadephia group named Marian Hill.   They’re a male and female duo who dropped their debut CD in the summer of 2016 but nothing could have prepared them for the spotlight after being featured so prominently by Apple in a big budget special effects-laden commercial.   The verdict is still out on the cordless wi-fi headphones that the iPhone is banking on so heavily to revolutionalize the cell phone industry. But there is no doubt that Marian Hill has been reaching new audiences in exponential increments since the Apple commercial dropped.

“DOWN”   Marian Hill


“STROLL – Apple iPhone AirPods Commercial”