SLIPPED THROUGH THE CRACKS: Big City Rock, Yello, Lupe Fiasco


yello desireRemember that iconic 80’s song, ‘oh yeah’ ? The slow drawl and the the quirky drumbeat made popular in Ferris Buehler’s Day Off was from a Swiss electronic group called Yello. Lead singer, Dieter Meier, has such a unique voice and when combined with creative synthesizer beats, their music was unique and totally original. A lesser hit called Desire was used in the 80’s crime drama, Miami Vice. It’s a sexy lost classic, a vintage piece of 80’s nostalgia.


BCRTypical hard luck story: High school classmates create a garage band. They get a little local attention and release an EP that their hardcore fans eat up. Then a national label, Atlantic Records in this case, snatches them up and the band releases a major studio album. The debut CD has a super catchy radio hit that reminds everyone of a lost Killers B-side. But after a touch of success, the band breaks up, changes their lineup and even their band name. Big City Rock released this song in 2006, it’s one of those songs that hinted at a big future that never transpired for these high school rockers.


Lupe-Fiasco-XXL-Cover-2011Lupe Fiasco is a true musical artist. His music is held to a high standard. Misogyny, violence, and vulgarity has become the theme of so many hip hop records today, Lupe wants to make records of substance. His intellectual lyrical content is deep and profound, not commercially as viable but Lupe’s records have been critically admired by critics and peers like Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Pharrell. Here’s a street fable dedicated to the rap careers of Bun B and Slim Thug, two Houston rappers who used hip hop music to escape the dangerous life of drugs, sex, and crime that so many of their peers pursued.