Solar Eclipse Playlist August 21, 2017

Funniest eclipse comment, “God if Trump is not fit for office, send us a sign this week!”   Not since March 7, 1970 and February 26, 1979 have we witnessed that rare moment when the moon and sun align so perfectly that we experience a solar eclipse.   We’re now living in the digital world and social media has never been able to capture this global event so vividly.   We’ve heard the warnings, “don’t stare directly at the sun tomorrow” and learned how to make pinhole viewing chambers out of cereal boxes.   So as we witness history tomorrow, we really need a Solar Eclipse Playlist to commemorate the moment.   The actual time of maximum viewing will be 1:16PM to 4PM Eastern Standard Time with the ultimate moment occurring around 2:48PM in the U.S.  The time of complete darkness will only be a few short minutes so with that time frame in mind, here’s a short seven song playlist:

“TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE HEART”  – Bonnie Tyler      If there was ever a time to wake up Bonnie Tyler from the vacuum chamber she’s been preserved in, today’s the day!


“BRAIN DAMAGE/ECLIPSE”   – Pink Floyd      If you haven’t already lost your mind over this event, here’s a song dedicated to insanity!

“BLINDED BY THE LIGHT”   – Manfred Mann’s Earth Band    Huge fan of Bruce Springsteen’s original version but the cheeky 70s music video just works here!

“THE DARK OF THE SUN”  – Tom Petty      Rare Petty track from the 90s that deserved to be a huge hit.  “We will stand together, we will stand as one in the dark of the sun”.

“YOU’RE SO VAIN”  – Carly Simon     Wonder how this one made it onto the eclipse playlist?   You might have been so vain that you might hopped a Lear Jet to Nova Scotia (or Tennessee in this case) to witness the “total eclipse of the sun”.

“THE FUTURE’S SO BRIGHT, I GOTTA WEAR SHADES”  – Timbuk 3       Fun fact – welder’s helmets aren’t even deemed strong enough for the power of the sun today!

“BARK AT THE MOON” – Ozzy Osbourne      Warning – never mess with werewolves during an eclipse, they become SUPER werewolves!