SOOTHE MY SOUL: New Depeche Mode Video, H.I.M., and Yeah Yeah Yeahs


soothe my soul depeche modeA naked woman, a snake slithering in the dirt, a dreamy black and white video for Depeche Mode’s second single from the new CD, Delta Machine. Unlike Heaven, a trippy Sci-Fi slow gospel-inspired video, Soothe My Soul is very commercial and highly suggestive. Like an Instagram post, scenes of a man stroking a woman’s midsection is mixed with a woman sliding her hand down the mic stand. The man’s hands around her neck segue to the snake writhing on her torso. If you’re a fan of old school Depeche Mode like Policy Of Truth, you will absolutely love the new song and video.



Tears-On-Tape HIMFinnish Goth rockers, H.I.M., are making a comeback with their 2013 CD, Tears On Tape. The band state that they’re going back to their roots which they describe as “love metal”. H.I.M. premiered a new single “I Will Be The End Of You” in January but the song pales in comparison to All Lips Go Blue. Swirling guitar solos, a nod to 80’s Hair Metal bands, combine with H.I.M.’s alternative rock style for a powerful roll down your windows and crank it up anthem! Look for an April 30th release date for the new CD.


YeahYeahYeahsSacrilegeThe video for the latest from alt-rockers, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, is not for the faint of heart. At times it feels like we’re watching lost footage from the finale of The Walking Dead or a movie preview from some British horror film that hasn’t been released yet. Red headed British model, Lily Cole, plays a promiscuous woman who is seen making out with anyone with a pulse (and I do mean ANYONE!). When her paramours all realize the girl gets around, they team up to burn her at the stake. Wait for the surprise finish! The Yeah Yeah Yeahs show musical growth by incorporating a church choir to the epic new single.