Soul Train Scramble Board: Can You Beat Them?

Soul-Train-Scramble-BoardSixty seconds on the clock, can you solve the puzzle? Long before Vanna White was turning letters on “Wheel Of Fortune”, viewers of Soul Train got to play their own special version of Hangman. Who can ever forget Don Cornelius and that magical Afro playing the ultimate game show host for the Soul Train Scramble Board? The concept was simple, mix up a bunch of letters attached to a magnetic board, and let two of the Soul Train dancers solve the puzzle’s mystery name. The answer was always either a prominent African American historical name (Muhammad Ali, Oprah Winfrey, Thurgood Marshall) or one of the music guests scheduled in the upcoming week (Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, ….)

Can you unscramble the letters before the clock runs out? You’ll get a laugh at celebrity #1, he’s been all over the news in 2014!