Spiderman Meets Slipknot: Breaking Benjamin, Corey Taylor

“BOTHER”    COREY TAYLOR of Slipknot

You hear Slipknot and visualize the scary masks, hardcore metal, and chaotic moshpits.   Lead vocalist, Corey Taylor, is a brilliant vocalist and shows his softer side on his side project, Stone Sour.    On the Spiderman soundtrack came this solo track which later was credited to Stone Sour.   It’s heartwrenching, desperate, yet somehow beautiful at the same time.   


The lead single from the CD “Phobia” was “The Diary Of Jane”, a departure for Breaking Benjamin.   The song was part ballad/part hardcore Nu Metal, it became the most recognized song from the band.   The CD was excellent and even more impressive than the hits were their lesser known but still amazing songs including “You”, “Had Enough”, and “Until The End”.   The fast/slow tempo changes on each of these tracks work so well to build intensity to a crescendo.   Check out the Call Of Duty themed music video:

#93 on the list of the greatest hard rock songs of all-time by VH-1, Autograph was a one-hit wonder who struck gold here.   The song appeared on a Miami Vice episode and features one of most memorable guitar solos of the 80’s.   The infectious chorus is 100% ear candy but everyone needs to satisfy their sweet tooth every now and then.