“Spiderman Theme” Teams Up Lindsey Stirling and Lang Lang

lang-lang-lindsey-stirling-spidermanHow do you make it big in the music industry in 2016?   One quick avenue is the power of YouTube.   Names like Zoella, Smash, PewDiePie, Jenna Marbles, and Bethany Mota may not mean much to the 30 year old plus crowd but they’re huge international YouTube celebrities.  Artists like Austin Mahone, Lindsey Stirling, Straight No Chaser, Sam Tsui, and Lang Lang have built solid music careers from gaining huge fan bases from their early YouTube clips.   Two of these artists, Lindsey and Lang Lang have teamed up for a cover of the classic “Spiderman Theme”.   The song has covered by the likes of Aerosmith, The Ramones, and Michael Buble’ but this time around it’s a powerful instrumental trading off Lindsey’s electric violin with Lang Lang’s incredible piano accompaniment.   The start black and white video features Lindsey in a evening gown and concludes with an image of a spiderweb.  @lindseystirling

“SPIDERMAN THEME”   Lindsey Stirling and Lang Lang


“SPIDERMAN THEME”   Michael Buble