Spiritual Treasues: This Song Saved My Life by Simple Plan, Kirk Franklin’s Testimony, and Jennifer Lopez



kirk franklin heroMy mama gave me up when I was four years old
She didn’t destroy my body but she killed my soul
Now it’s cold ’cause I’m sleeping in my back seat
Understand the spirit’s willing but my flesh is weak
These are the powerful opening lyrics on Kirk Franklin’s ardent plea to release the inner pain and fear that holds so many of us down.   The intense and highly personal message of the song is countered by a passionate reworking of Tears For Fears 80’s classic, Shout.    Assisting Kirk on the epic track is the all-star duo of Sonny Sandoval from P.O.D. and Tobymac.


Simple-Plan-This-Song-Saved-My-Life-LyricsPlease don’t stop the song early, you’ll miss the impact of the choir on the chorus in the last minute. Simple Plan has written many songs like Perfect, When I’m Gone, God Must Hate Me, and Untitled that have deeply moved their young fan base. Countless letters described how these Simple Plan songs changed their life and the direction they were headed. So when it came time to release Get Your Heart On, the band dedicated a song to the fans and their open testimony about the healing power of music. Think about the impact of


jennifer lopez aliveJennifer Lopez’s acting and music career run a parallel path. Her fans love J. Lo’s style, energy, Latina flair, passion, and her combination of Hollywood glamour with the innocence of a small town girl who’s made it to the big time. Others critique Jennifer’s voice, acting skill, and question her personal life. Count me in group #1! Some of her “sleeper” films to check out: U-Turn, Money Train, and Enough. “Alive” was played over the credits in Enough when Jennifer played the wife of an abusive husband who took charge of her life and fought back.