EDM Spotlight on DJ Seven Lions

Seven-Lions-EDMYou attend a major EDM event like the Ultra Music Festival or the Electric Daisy Carnival and not only will you find up to 100,000 fans, you’ll see the weekend lineup featuring up to 30 DJ’s!    If you’re an up and coming artist, how do you set yourself apart from your peers?    California DJ, Jeff Montalvo goes by the moniker, Seven Lions as he’s signed to of the legendary Casablanca Record Label (best known in the 70’s for Donna Summer, KISS, and P-Funk).    He grew up a fan of epic “larger than life soundscapes”, combining influences as diverse and Viking Heavy Metal and Dub-Step.    You don’t hear a lot of DJ’s referencing  Swedish Death Metal bands like Opeth as a major influence.    But Seven Lions isn’t pigeonholed into an aggressive drop the bass style, in fact his best songs are noted for their softer elements featuring a beautiful but EPIC Trance sound.     Jeff said his favorite musical instrument is a “female vocals” 🙂 because he can’t replicate it in the studio.

“DON’T LEAVE”     Seven Lions Featuring Ellie Goulding

ellie-gouldingIf you’d like to check out the best of Seven Lions, here’s a couple of favorites.   Two years ago he teamed with pop superstar, Ellie Goulding on “Don’t Leave.”   I dare you to sit still midway through the song when Ellie coos the line “don’t leave me, I neeeeeed youuuu” just before Seven Lions drops the bass.   A lovely mix of pop, Trance, and Dub-Step.    An even better example of Seven Lions style is his latest hit “Falling Away” featuring a up and coming Canadian female singer, Lights.    Their collaboration begins with a soft dream-like style and just continues to build and expand for six minutes.   When an EDM single can touch your mind and heart, you know you’ve got something special.

“FALLING AWAY”    Seven Lions Featuring Lights