ST PATRICK’S DAY: Spotlight on Van Morrison

van morrisonListen to any Van Morrison album and you’re taken on a magical musical experience. His vintage combination of traditional blue eyed soul, combined with Celtic flair and gospel undertones, sets your mind adrift with the spirit of love, discovery, and inner happiness. Toss in a horn section, a jazzy interlude, or even some spoken word verses, you realize a Van Morrison song isn’t just for listening, it’s often a spiritual journey.


Van+MorrisonLike any multifaceted artist, Van Morrison cannot be pigeonholed into one musical genre. His early career brought us party anthems like Brown Eyed Girl, Gloria, and Here Comes The Night. Then came records, such as Astral Weeks, which were pensive, hypnotic, and spiritually challenging records that entertained us thoroughly. Pop hits with a jazz influence like Domino, Moondance, and Into The Mystic influenced generations to come. Not afraid to risk commercial viability, Van Morrison dabbled in the blues, recording with flutes and uilleann pipes, even meditation mantras. Yet every so often, an adult contemporary masterpiece like Have I Told You Lately, Crazy Love, or Someone Like You became the soundtrack for our personal love stories.

van morrison born to singIn 2005, Van Morrison was inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame. ranks him as one of their all-time top 25 best selling musical artists as his catalog including three greatest hits albums that remain a mainstay on the charts. His 34th album, with the fitting title, Born To Sing: No Plan B was released last year and recorded in his hometown of Belfast, Ireland.





“BROWN EYED GIRL” with the original banned lyric


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